Why Miles?

A Few Q & As

Why are you doing this WR attempt?Go Miles 1
Who wouldn’t want to spend 16 hours a day for a year with 9 inches of black plastic wedged between their butt cheeks?

[There’s a green one also involved: Ed]

No really, why are you doing this?
I have so many hours of POD casts I have yet to listen to and don’t mention the hours and hours of telephone intercepts.

Telephone Intercepts?
I said not to mention the telephone intercepts.

So your WR attempt follows a facsimile of the route Ossie Nicholson did?
(Ossie Nicholson, Highest Mileage Ridden in a Year, WR Holder – 1933 and 1937)
Yes I’ll do what Ossie did and a few other routes for variety.

Do you have any specialized equipment?
Only my big cogs, everything else is standard.  You can see my big cogs on the web site – Gomiles.com.au

Are you on a special diet for the WR attempt?
I started out on the Paleo Diet but ‘caved’ on that, Now its Maccas for Breakfast, Domino’s Pizza for Lunch and Road Kill for Dinner.

Do you have to wear Lycra?
No, but getting dressed up in skin tight lairy colored clothing is my thing, ok.

[for those who speak that dialect, American English, this means ‘ostentatiously attractive; flashy’: Ed]

What sort of support do you have?
Haven’t we already covered the wearing of Lycra?

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